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Your work is important, and confidential until it is published. It must be presented to the reader free from all spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.

Your work should read like it was written by a highly qualified and experienced, native English speaker. The words need to flow, and your message needs to be clear and free from repetitive or unnecessary phrases.

Since proofreading scientific papers for our friends in Mexico back in 2010 we have helped thousands of leading scientists and aspiring students by giving their work the professional edge it needs in today's publish or perish world.

You risk rejection or loosing marks through correctable errors if you fail to make sure your work is ready for publication or handing in. You want your work to be read by many people, so make sure your ideas and experiences are presented well.

We provide a world-class, satisfaction-guaranteed proofreading and editing service that fits in with your time scale and offers unlimited friendly support throughout the process.