If you think your paper might need more extensive editing, please
upload or email your manuscript to us for a no-obligation professional consultation. If necessary, we will reconstruct paragraphs and reorganise the whole document to maximize clarity and impact. We will re-write sentences and resolve content ambiguity. We can reduce word count, format to journal specification and will offer extensive written feedback.

We have access to a broad network of friends and colleagues within publishing, academia, languages, etc. so please get in touch if you are looking for a service not covered here on this website.

Finance Proofreading please visit our friends at www.financeproofreading.com.

CV Editing, LinkedIn optimisation, job applications, translating services are offered by our friends, the English Language Consultants.


Our proofreaders are post-graduate, native English speakers educated at the top universities of the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.
We will match the content of your paper with our most qualified and experienced proofreader in that field so that they will be familiar with the subject matter. Our proofreaders will also do some background reading where necessary to follow your work.


Please contact our friendly team using
the online form or email us directly at info@scienceproofreading.com.


our online form to upload your manuscript. Alternatively email your work to submissions@scienceproofreading.com.


make your payments with credit card, debit card or existing PayPal account via our payment page. Work will begin as soon as we receive your payment.

As a scientist you need to communicate your ideas clearly, confidently and successfully. Failing to use a professional editing service like this one increases the risk of your paper being rejected or losing points due to unintended errors. 

We are an international organisation working with leading scientists and aspiring students all over the world to give their valuable work the professional edge that it needs to succeed in today’s publish or perish environment.

You can be sure that our unlimited, friendly support before, during and after editing your work will bring you complete satisfaction with our service, as it has for thousands of leading scientists and aspiring students since 2010.

We use the inbuilt editing functionality of Microsoft Word. All changes to the text are shown in a different colour (normally red or blue). When you get your work back, you will see the changes that have been made and helpful comments to the side of the script.

We are also happy to work with any other Microsoft format, LaTeX, pdf, etc. Please email us at info@scienceproofreading.com if you have any questions.


We Do Not:

  • check or improve formatting (unless you request it)
  • guarantee that your paper will be accepted for publication
  • change highly field-specific terminology, scientific or otherwise. It is assumed that you know the specific terminology of your field, including the use of hyphens. We do, of course, correct the surrounding grammar and check for your consistent use of vocabulary, etc.
  • peer review

We Do:

  • correct mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • make your paper read like it was written by a highly professional native English speaker
  • write helpful comments and explanations to the side of your work
  • re-write clumsy sentences, remove repetitions and redundant phrases to make your writing clear and succinct
  • offer suggestions to improve paragraph structure and readability
  • offer comprehensive after sales support
  • guarantee a 24 hour or 4-day turnaround (from when payment is received)